The World’s Nastiest Startup Power Struggles [infographic]

startup power struggles
Written by Daniel Zweier

Startup power struggles are fierce and all too common. Here are 10 companies that duked it out. Infographic.

aNewDomain — Work can be challenging. Cut-throat, some might say. Especially in startup culture — investors, crowd sourcing, living up to heightened expectations and dreaded monetization. A lot goes into making an idea successful, and more often than not fights break out along the way.

Here are the world’s nastiest startup power struggles, from Facebook to Twitter to Google to Apple. Yeah, the big dogs fight hardest. Notice that all “solutions” include forcing someone out, but only occasionally with severance and stock vesting. Ouch.

startup power struggles

World’s Nastiest Startup Power Struggles infographic: Courtesy of Inc and

For aNewDomain, I’m Daniel Zweier.

Featured image: Fighting Hartebeest by Filip Lachowski via Flickr