Windows 10: Installation Was A Breeze [review]

windows 10
Written by Sandy Berger

The computer restarted several times and within 45 minutes the installation was complete. Reviewer Sandy Berger updated two Windows PCs to run Microsoft’s newest Windows version: Windows 10. Here’s what the experience was like. Deep dive review.

aNewDomain — I just updated two Windows computers to the newest Microsoft desktop operating system upgrade, Windows 10. How was the installation process? Really good. I found the computers, one running Windows 8.1, one running Windows 7, updated quickly. And surprisingly easily. As part of my ongoing in-depth Windows 10 experience, check out my installation log below.

Windows 10 Installation

I had ordered a Windows 10 reservation for both machines, but neither had a pop-up telling me that Windows 10 was ready.

When I clicked on the “Get Windows 10” icon on the Windows 8.1 computer, it said that the update was ready to install. Just a few Windows to click through and a short license to agree to and the installation began.


The computer restarted several times and within 45 minutes the installation was complete.

The update didn’t appear on the Windows 7 computer so I downloaded the Windows 10 Installation Tool and used that to install the new operating system. Although this computer took almost two hours for the installation, again everything was smooth and sweet. And I was presented with the new Windows 10 Start Screen.

In both cases, this was the best Microsoft OS installation that I’ve ever encountered, and I’ve been using Windows since DOS days. As Microsoft promised, all of my files, programs and system settings were preserved. Although at first blush everything seems to be working properly, I will need some time to confidently confirm that.

While several of my friends and acquaintances reported that their Windows 10 installation went as smoothly as mine, several others reported that they had problems with the installation.

windows 10

The differences could be with their equipment, their Internet connection or even the load on Microsoft’s servers. It could also be in the preparation for the install. Before the install I did four things, which I advise everyone to do:

  1. Check the “Get Windows 10” to make sure that your computer is upgradable.
  2. Backup your important files.
  3. Temporarily turn off your antivirus program.
  4. Run Windows update (in some cases, several times) using a wire connection if one is available.

Remember that although I was quick to rush to get the update, for most of you, there is no need to hurry. Windows 10 will be a free update until July 28, 2016.

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