What You Need to Know About Exotic Cars That No One Ever Tells You

Written by Brian Wallace

With an exotic car, you can go fast, but when you get your maintenance and repair bills, you might be furious. There is a lot of fun to be had driving an exotic car but there is always a price to be paid somewhere down the line. If it is not the cost of consumables, it is the challenges regular roads can pose. Here are some things every driver should know before investing in an exotic.

You’re Just Scraping By

No one ever pays enough attention to how low to the ground exotic cars can be. Just getting out of the driveway and onto the open road can pose a lot of problems, and one thing leads to another. Carefully and slowly drive the car out of parking spaces or driveways to avoid scraping the undertray and your precious front spoiler can bake your clutch and give you a big repair bill. Take it too fast and you could need some expensive carbon-fiber bodywork. Either way, just getting on the road can cost money.

Exclusivity Is Temporary

Many exotic car owners seem to chop and change which car or marque they drive every few months and with good reason. You can invest heavily in the latest model, and enjoy exclusivity on the road, but only for a while until they start spotting them everywhere. The danger of being a trendsetter is setting a trend. Fortunately, the exotic car market is thriving, and there are lots of ways to sell your Lamborghini Murcielago, McClaren, or Ferrari and get something new. You can usually cover your costs or even make a profit too.

Overheads, Overheads, Overheads

Did you think the high costs of owning an exotic car stopped at the sticker price? Think again. Even small and consumable parts on a Ferrari or a Lamborghini can set you back a pretty penny. Maintenance is a constant cost for exotic car owners, and over a typical year they can reach thousands of dollars, and that is if the car is stood still. Factor in insurance and gas and you’re spending big money each month just to stay on the road. Spare a thought for owners of the legendary McClaren F1 though. This 90s exotic costs most of its owners around $300,000 dollars a year in maintenance fees before they have driven a mile. If the tires need changing, they need to hire a racetrack for testing. That’s not a joke.

Welcome to the Club

It’s not all bad news. Once you have prepared yourself for the regular expenses, worked out a price at the dealership, and got the keys in your hands, you have opened the door to an exclusive and welcoming club. Exotic owners get together regularly at events like Cars & Coffee. There is one near you if you take a look. Drivers meet, usually on a Sunday morning, and park their cars in a parking lot and enjoy some socializing and meet and greets. The atmosphere is great, and other exotic drivers will have tips and tricks that can help you save money when maintaining your precious automobile. Problems shared are problems halved.

Driving an exotic is more fun than driving a regular vehicle, but more fun can bring more problems. Before you part ways with your cash, get a good idea of part prices and maintenance costs so you are prepared for what you are getting into.