What to Look for in an Assisted Living Facility

When the time comes to look for an assisted living facility, it can feel overwhelming. You have been used to being in your own home, somewhere that holds memories and in which you have invested time and money. Even if you know the time has come to move somewhere, visiting potential assisted living facilities can feel daunting. These tips will help you feel confident you are making an informed choice.

Before You Go

Before your visit, take time to prepare. Ask family members or friends if they can come with you – they might notice things you miss. It is also worth writing a list of questions to take with you. When you are being shown around you might forget to ask something you wanted the answer to.


Be realistic about the most suitable location, both for yourself and your loved ones. If you love to visit the mall, you won’t want to choose somewhere isolated, and equally, if you want to be able to look out of your window and see greenery, don’t waste your time viewing communities that are based in high rise blocks. If your closest friends and family live a long distance away, this could be the time for you to make a move closer to them. Consider whether you want to relocate to be closer to your nearest and dearest, the facilities you need on hand and how much space you need in your accommodation.


When you move into an assisted living community there will be managers and care staff close on hand. Finding people who you feel you could build a close relationship with is important, as is feeling you trust them to meet your needs. You should feel comfortable asking them questions and get a warm, caring vibe from them. They could be like honorary family members in the future, so make sure you would be happy spending time with them.

The Community

One of the benefits of assisted living complexes is the social element. As well as having carers and staff nearby, there will be other residents who will be neighbors and, hopefully, friends. Ask if you can spend time in the communal areas talking to others – this can be a useful way to find out what people who already live there think of the place.

What’s On Offer

Not every assisted living facility is the same; for example, some assisted living in O’Fallon MO facilities offer things you might not expect, such as gourmet food! Compare the accommodations and amenities that are on offer and think ahead – you may not need everything that a complex offers now, but you might in the future. This is especially important when thinking about specialist care such as for Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Take time when making your decision. This could well be your last move and you need to make sure it is right for you. When you find the assisted living facility that meets your needs you will be ready to start your next chapter confident you have taken every step possible to ensure it’s perfect for you.