Hate Crimes: What To Do If You See Someone Hassling a Muslim

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Written by Gina Smith

Hate crimes against Muslims are up, says a new FBI report. This infographic explains what to do if you see someone hassling a Muslim.

aNewDomain — The FBI just released its hate crime report, which says hate crimes were up last year — especially those against Muslim-Americans.

Last year saw a 67 percent increase in Muslim-targeted hate crimes from the previous year. There were 257 total assaults, attacks on mosques and other hate crimes against Muslims, according to the FBI data. That’s the highest number, it said, since 2001. That year, 480 hate crimes against Muslims were committed after the Sept. 11 attacks.

Verbal and physical assaults against Muslims and other minorities seem to be increasing in just the last week since the election, according to civil rights sites and news reports. That’s why the below infographic is so timely. It’s a short and simple guide of how you can help if you witness such harassment.

Created by a French artist after terrorist attacks in Paris and Nice, it is based on a technique known as “non-complementary behavior.” That psychological technique is one where you difuse conflict by noting the behavior of a person and acting in the opposite way.

what to do when you see a person hassling a Muslim



Below, read the incidents and offenses portion of the FBI’s hate crime report. Find the whole report here.

FBI Hate Crime Report: Incidents and Offenses by Gina Smith on Scribd

For aNewDomain, I’m Gina Smith.