What Happens To Your Body One Hour After You Have A Coke? [infographic]

what happens to your body after you drink a can of coke
Written by Gina Smith

You’ve heard that Coke isn’t good for you, but do you have any idea what happens to your body an hour after you have a Coke? [infographic]

aNewDomain — Here’s what happens to your body within one hour after drinking a Coke.

what happens to your body after you drink a can of coke


Infographic: via RenegadePharmacist.com, via Wade Meredith

For aNewDomain, I’m Gina Smith.


  • And have you seen what happens when you pour a can of coke over a piece of fresh pork? In about two hours the worms start crawling out of the pork. There are videos of this or you can just do it for yourself as our pastor did and we saw all the worms coming out and it was horrible and lots on the internet of how pork is unhealthy and we should not eat it and it has parasites and causes disease, etc.

    • Was your pastor a snake charmer as well? While I hate to refer to Snopes they say this is FALSE! The video is a fraud. This whole issue with pork is from the old days when Trichinosis (caused by a type of round worm) was far more prevalent.

  • Snopes has been wrong lots of times, why not try it for yourself or are you afraid you will see the worms and have to admit it is true. We all saw the worms so don’t say we didn’t.

  • I didn’t know caffeine inhibited absorption of nutrient and minerals like calcium. Probably not good for me given I drink about four cups of coffee a day.