Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Virtual Reality Headsets [infographic]

Virtual Reality Breakdown vr headsets virtual reality headsets
Written by Mark Kaelin

Virtual reality headsets are going to be big. Get a jump on the first generation of VR headset tech with this awesome infographic …

aNewDomain — Nothing in this life is certain, but it looks like virtual reality devices, especially when it comes to entertainment, are soon going to be everything. And I know this much: Your next generation console or personal computer is for sure going to support at least one virtual reality headset.

VR¬†headsets are the next big thing, and you will be hearing a lot about them. To get a jump on things, check out the infographic below. It’s handy for keeping track of all the VR devices in play, who makes them and what each one is trying to do for you. Keep in mind, these devices are first generation and some fine-tuning is going to take place over several iterations.

Virtual Reality headsets VR headsets
Virtual Reality headsets infographic: via Cloudwards.net

For aNewDomain, I’m Mark Kaelin.