Valentine’s Day Infographic: The Economics of Being Single

valentine's day infographic valentines day 2017
Written by T.E. Wing

Did you know more men call divorce lawyers around Valentine’s Day than at any other time of the year? Check out the Economics of Being Single infographic …

aNewDomain — Fully 62 percent of American adults say they will be buying cards, gifts and going out on dates this year to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

The average person, according to research gathered for the Economics of Being Single infographic, singles will spend about $145 to celebrate. But not everyone is in love with the holiday. As you’ll see below, many men avoid getting into relationships around Valentine’s Day for exactly that reason. Also, more men engage divorce lawyers in the month of February than at any time of the year.

Find those those and other surprising facts in the infographic, below. We love it. Click to enlarge.

valentines day infographic

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