UniKey, a New Lock at Your Fingertips

UniKey Keys
Written by Cassandra Chin

Cassandra Chin looks at UniKey, a new smartphone-based locking system that competes in the home automation security market.

Smart, All-Access Keys (and locks!)

aNewDomain.net — UniKey is one of a number of companies that compete in the home automation security market. Safemart, Smarthome and ADT are businesses that use existing smart device infrastructure in order to cut costs.

“By leveraging the confluence of smartphones, apps and wireless technology, we are finally able to offer the ultimate level of home entry convenience and control,” said Phil Dumas, CEO of UniKey Technologies. “We’re very excited to have partnered with Kwikset, a trusted brand and market leader, to bring this technology to the mass market.”

UniKey Keys

UniKey has created technology that transforms your smartphone into an electronic key (eKey). Once you have downloaded their app you can lock and unlock the bolt on your door with a simple touch of the finger.

The eKey interacts based on location, locking and unlocking as you get close to your door. Just replace your old lock with UniKey’s new Kwikset Kevo lock and the application will work.

The system lets the user enter his or her home without extra key cards, PINS, or physical keys. It also includes administrator functionality. This lets the eKey holder assign a digital key to guests that can be used once or anytime, and controls which keys and locks can be used at any given time.

Visitors can lock the door by tapping on the lock three times. For those who often lose their phones or upgrade frequently, UniKey easily transfers all digital keys to your new phone while deleting them from the old one. Just sign into the app and let it sync.

UniKey also includes, as a last resort, an old-fashioned key. This comes in handy if you haven’t replaced your phone yet. Security is paramount, and for an additional charge the app will keep a timed log of who accesses your home or business and when they do.

Though currently aimed at the homeowner market share, UniKey is working on additional applications and partners to create keys for multiple markets, said a UniKey spokesperson.

UniKey Technologies has partnered with Kwikset, a market-leader in residential lock solutions, to create the Kwikset Kevo lock — a first in “touch-to-open” technology.

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