Trick or Treat This! Happy Halloween Infographic

Have a safe and scary Halloween
Written by Mark Kaelin

With just a little planning, your next Halloween trick or treating can be both safe and scary. This Happy Halloween infographic shows you how — and more.

Invisible KidaNewDomain — It’s that time of year again. Kids aged 1 to 99 will be out, as ghosts, witches, zombies and presidential candidates, demanding their share of treats from anyone with a light on and a door bell.

But be careful out there. Some fun-sounding costumes are downright dangerous. Consider, for example, the Black I’m Invisible Skin Suit for Kids, available at Walmart. It’s a disaster waiting to happen. Do you really want your precious child running around on Halloween completely invisible to oncoming traffic? Talk about scary.

There are better and safer costume alternatives available. Check out the advice in this Halloween infographic, which provides the inspiration you’ll need to find good costumes. Safe and scary is definitely within reach.

Halloween Infographic
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For aNewDomain, I’m Mark Kaelin. Boo!

Black I’m Invisible Skin Suit for Kids image from: Walmart