Terry Gardner: Fun And Random Things To Do In Historic Philadelphia

historic Philadelphia
Written by Terry Gardner

Our Terry Gardner shares her list of fun and entirely random things to do in Historic Philadelphia. Ideal for kids — and kid-like adults, too. Enjoy!

terry-gardner-anewdomainaNewDomain — To visit historic Philadelphia is to experience our nation’s birth. It’s the place where both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were born. If you haven’t been in awhile, it’s definitely worth another look — especially if you’ve got kids or, like me, you are a kind of a kid yourself. Here’s what to do in historic Philadelphia.

Free historic Philadelphia happenings

Historic Philadelphia offers several great experiences for kids of all ages each summer. And you don’t have to look too far. Roam around and find any of 10 Once Upon A Nation Story Benches (two more are in Valley Forge). You’ll get to hear expert storytellers relate tales of how average folks made a difference during our nation’s founding days. It’s fun and interactive. And anything but boring.

once upon a nation storytelling bench

Or why not take a few moments out to raise a flag with Betsy Ross — or drill with the Continental Army? This is the sort of stuff I did this week when I got the chance to tag along on an action-packed tour some marketers from VisitPhilly.com were taking through the various attractions and diversions available from Historic Philadelphia, a local non-profit dedicated to preserving colonial history

Historic PhiladelphiaI began getting historic immediately. That’s me on the left next to one of the Visit Philly team members.

They have such a big team that I don’t remember her name.

But later I took the Tippler’s Tour, so that could be why I am drawing a blank. I seem to remember we did have fun, though.

Also, on my way to touch history, I stopped by Philadelphia’s famous Reading Terminal Market, which opened in 1893.

To my surprise, I discovered that, even at places that specialize in Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches, there are a lot of vegetarian options available. That’s me chowing down, below.

historic Philadelphia

During a Tippler’s Tour with Historic Philadelphia, we met up with Ben Franklin, who helped me shoot this selfie, below. That guy really loves technology.

historic Philadelphia

I escaped to the present and visited The Franklin Institute the next day.

Back to the past, there I am, below, drilling with the Continental Army, a free activity kids can do during the summer. Notice that I have my “musket” on the wrong shoulder. This is why I didn’t make the cut for the Continental Army. My shortcomings as a soldier are legion.
historic Philadelphia

As you can see below, I also tried to get friendly with a Hugman in Nathan Sawaya’s Art of the Brick forest. I highly recommend you try this.

historic Philadelphia

For your information, I told him that I was single and available and the Hugman let me hug him.

historic Philadelphia

Sometimes I get carried away.

historic Philadelphia

But the main reason I was trying to touch his butt is that I wrote my name on one of the bricks that make up his posterior, um, ass.

historic Philadelphia

After I promised not to touch his butt anymore, he agreed to a final farewell selfie. Stay tuned for my report and more images from that exhibit. I promise it well be worth it.

This is just a sampling of things to do in Historic Philadelphia, equally amusing whether you want to relive key historic dates like 1776, when our Founding Fathers wrote the Declaration of Independence, or in 1787, when the delegates crafted the US Constitution.

Or you can do like I did and stay in 2015 for awhile and grab a Hugman’s ass. I mean, posterior. Whatever!

Reporting in Philadelphia for aNewDomain, I’m travel editor Terry Gardner.

Photo of Continental Army by Cari Feil Bender. All Rights Reserved.

Photo of Story Telling Bench: TripAdvisor

All other photos by Terry Gardner for aNewDomain, All Rights Reserved.