The Science of Fall Colors: Autumn Is Here [infographic]

fall is here infographic the science of fall colors
Written by Mark Kaelin

Why do leaves change color? Check out the Science of Fall Colors: Autum Is Here infographic right here.

aNewDomain — Fall’s a transitional period, and that’s why it’s one of my favorite seasons. The trees are the best part. But have you ever wondered why leaves change color in the fall?

Ever considered how many leaves fall off the trees during the season?

Fall facts only seem obvious until you really think about them. Would you believe there are more than 40 quadrillion changing leaves out there? Yup. Check out that detail and other fascinating fall facts in the Autumn Is Here infographic below, courtesy of You don’t have to be a professional leaf peeper to dig the fall, and some of these fall facts might really surprise you.

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Fall Is Here infographic:

For aNewDomain, I’m Mark Kaelin.