Daily Infographic: Self-Driving Cars and The Law [infographic]

self-driving cars infographic snap out of my way robot!
Written by David Street

Self-driving cars still have a ways to go, legally-speaking. Today’s featured infographic digs deep into the legal issues around autonomous driving. Check it out.

aNewDomain — Self-driving cars are still very much in the gray zone. Despite all the media attention, only four states have so far passed bills regarding autonomous cars. That’s why the below infographic is so awesome. It contains everything you’d ever want to know about the legality of self-driving cars. It also has up-to-date information on new self-driving car plans from Google, Tesla, Uber and others.

Special thanks to the folks at PersonalInjurySanDiego.org, who created the infographic. Check it out below.

self-driving cars infographic robot get out of my way

For aNewDomain, I’m David Street.