Tech Philanthropy: To Give or Not to Give [infographic]

tech philanthropy bill gates
Written by Daniel Zweier

Is tech philanthropy as prominent as the technology boom?

aNewDomain — It’s no secret that the tech industry is overflowing with cash. From billion dollar valuations to billion dollar acquisitions, the sheer amount of money being thrown around will make your head spin. And somebody is keeping a good chunk of that change, too.

While some of the wealthiest individuals in the world are tech CEOs, a more-interesting lens is not how much they have, but how much they giveaway. Tech philanthropy has been spearheaded by the likes of Bill Gates, it’s true, but there are a bunch of other tech company founders and CEOs who hang on to their winnings. Others are generous. But who? Check out the Which Tech CEOs Are Most Charitable infographic below.

tech philanthropy infographic

Infographic: Courtesy of WhoIsHostingThis? and

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Featured image: Bill Gates by DFID via Flickr