Strange Sex Laws: Why It’s Illegal to Marry A Virgin in Guam

Written by Gina Smith

There are some mighty strange sex laws out there. Check them out here.

aNewDomain — It is illegal to marry a virgin in Guam. Read about that and other strange sex laws in the infographic below.

Strange Sex Laws

From Visually.

Strange Sex Laws infographic:

For aNewDomain, I’m Gina Smith.


  • I was born and raised on Guam, so I don’t mind funny discussion about our weird customs and occurrences. We have plenty. But I expect a ‘NYT bestselling author and award-winning journalist’ to do better research than republishing a long-refuted sex ‘fact’ from an old issue of Cosmo.

    The truth is if someone tries to marry on Guam without your hymen intact, the bride’s father must double the dowry. Or offer up his first son’s virginity as tribute.