App of the Day: Pocket Casts

pocket casts
Written by Becket Morgan

If beauty and functionality are high on your list of qualities for a great podcast app, Pocket Casts is worth the few bucks.

aNewDomain — These days, I count on my smartphone for just about everything. I use it to access files, play games and it’s my go to device for listening to music and podcasts. I actually have two favorite apps for listening to podcasts: one is Stitcher — you can see my recommendation here — and the second app I love is Pocket Casts.

pocket castsLike most podcast apps, Pocket Casts will update your podcasts in seconds and will sync your subscriptions, filters and playlists. It’s also able to sync your progress across multiple devices and platforms.

This is essential for me — I’m split between Android and iOS devices and need an app that doesn’t balk at keeping both my iPhone and my Nexus 7 up to date with my progress.

With more than 200,000 podcasts to choose from, there’s really a little something for anyone. I strongly recommend the new NPR show “Invisibilia” — I initially found it simply by searching on Pocket Casts using the “featured” function, which is a great way to explore.

pocket casts

There are great features like auto-download, which lets you send new episodes to your device without even logging in. I also like the custom features that let you organize your podcasts in any way that works for you. I need my tech to work without too much fiddling and troubleshooting, and the Pocket Casts UI is beautiful, has great functionality and is easy to navigate.

Pocket Casts is available for $3.99 for Android on Google Play or for Windows Phone, and $4.99 for Apple iOS. There’s also a web player for your PC, which has a two week free trial, then a $9 one time fee to use. It’s a little on the pricey side when there are several free podcast apps out there, but you get a huge number of available podcasts, zero ads, great functionality and, most importantly, a stunning interface. I’ve never been disappointed with this purchase.

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Screenshots by Becket Morgan, courtesy of Pocket Casts

Featured Image: Lost in the Music by Vox Efx via Flickr