CES 2015: Lyve Minds Secure, Cross Platform Photo Storage

Written by Todd Townsend

Looking for a easy way to dump all your photos from all your devices — a kind of digital photo shoebox? Lyve Minds has a solution. Check it out, [video]

aNewDomain — If you’re in the market for a secure, cross-platform photo storage solution, Lyve Minds showed us an intriguing option at CES 2015. It’s created a so-called digital photo “shoebox” to help you rediscover and organize all your photos, regardless of platform, and negate those annoying out of storage messages you get when your smartphone or tablet has stored too many images. Lyve Home offers 2TB of storage for $299 and the company’s Lyve Studio version offers 500GB for $199. At CES, Lyve Minds also announced a new partnership with Seagate to offer Lyve storage via certain Seagate drives.

Our Todd Townsend talked with Tami Bhaumik of Lyve Minds to learn more. Check out the details on Lyve Minds’ cross platform, digital photo “shoebox” solution, below.

Video: Todd Townsend/Justin Webb for aNewDomainTV and BreakingModern

For aNewDomain, I’m Todd Townsend.