Not Rich Enough? Try These Three Awesome Personal Assistant Apps

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Written by Alison Maney

We can’t all be in the one percent. Here are three personal assistant apps that might make you feel like you’re there, though. [review]

alison maneyBreakingModern — Here’s what do celebrities have that you don’t have: Assistance. Of the personal sort.

But if you’re jonesing for some personal assistance, look no further from the personal assistant apps I’m rounding up for you below. They aren’t as good as the human variety, but these apps aren’t as demanding, either — and you won’t have to pay them big bonuses come holiday time.


If you’ve ever wanted a personal chef, and maybe someone to talk you through the art of making a complicated soufflé, check out TalktoChef. It lets you chat directly with a pro chef whenever you run into a touch cooking problem. Say you’ve got a tricky Béarnaise sauce in front of you. Just use the Skype-like features of TalktoChef to connect you up with a French cooking expert.

And if you don’t like the advice, don’t pay. If you do appreciate the help, though, be sure to tip.

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 10.21.09 PM Audvisor

If you don’t have the panache, money or social connections to surround yourself with the world’s greatest thinkers, don’t despair. Try Audvisor, an app that lets you hear insightful words from what it says are the “World’s Top Experts.”  It let’s you consume three-minute monologues (aka world of wisdom) from entrepreneurs, authors, philosophers … you get the idea. And the most clever thing? It’s free.


Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 10.21.28 PMFed up with the depersonalization of shopping? The robocalls, the vanilla emails and the inscrutable delivery man are a bit much sometimes. That’s where Enjoy comes in. Targeting New Yorkers and San Francisco Bay Area residents first, it’s an online retailer that adds a personal shopper and delivery service to the max.

Enjoy sells high-quality gadgets that require a little bit of knowhow to plug in or use properly, gadgets like GoPros, Xboxes and Specialized Turbo Bikes. Order one, and an Enjoy employee will hand deliver it same day. And he will, get this, actually stick around to show you exactly how it works.

That’s right, you get your very own, live, knowledgeable assistant to help you figure out your new game system or smart watch or whatever.

Doesn’t get any more celebrity than that.

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