Online Education in the Developing World [infographic]

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Written by Daniel Zweier

Online education makes great strides in the developing world, and everywhere else. Infographic.

aNewDomain — We all know education is important. As traditional university fees continue to rise, the world of online education has bloomed into a formidable instructional tool — but how effective is it? And, more importantly, how effective is it in the developing world?

MOOCs, coupled with pioneers like Elon Musk and Greg Wyler, have made huge strides in the educational potential of developing nations around the world. The infographic below gives an idea of how effective online education is currently, and its potential for growth.

Online-Education infographic

Infographic courtesy of Online Course Report

For aNewDomain, I’m Daniel Zweier.

Featured image: Graduation by Jessie Jacobson via Flickr