Mat Lee: Craft Vapery Keeps Me Stocked And Stoked [review]

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Written by Mat Lee

Craft Vapery offers the best in e-cig vape flavors, and a seamless monthly subscription. Mat Lee reviews a box of goodies.

aNewDomainmat-Lee —  You may have heard that I’m a stoner. Well, I’m a tobacco vaper too — it’s just something I can’t live without. And I’m in luck: Craft Vapery is a high-quality subscription-based service that sent me a review box of its custom tailored tobacco flavors.

They’re delicious. Delectable. Sure, there’s no THC or oil involved, but Craft Vapery knows what its customers want. The Craft people hit my mature, candy and rockstar palate perfectly, and they were nice enough to include the eGo One vape. Now that’s customer service.

craft vapery 1Before we get started, here’s what you need to know

With Craft Vapery you can either shop for individual flavors or sign up for a monthly subscription. The lowest monthly plans start at $19.99 for two bottles, and go up from there. Go to the subscribe page and fill out your personal flavor profile, or you can have their flavor professionals surprise you with something.

craft vapery site

Check everything you’d like to taste. Candy, tobacco, coffee, chocolate and nuts are just a few of the choices. There’s flavors-a-plenty on the site. Then you fill out the flavors you don’t like.

craft vapery flavors

Now you’re ready to choose your nicotine level. From zero milligrams (trying to quit) all the way up to 18mg — it’s all about your preference. I went with the 12mg version. There’s also a box you can check if you prefer liquids with a higher VG percentage.

craft vapery nicotine strength

After that choose how many bottles you’d like each month.

craft vapery bottles

If you have your own hardware already, you can skip the starter kit. I didn’t have a rig specifically for vaping tobacco, so I opted in for the 1100 mAH kit.

craft vapery vape

Once you get all that sorted, log in and create an account. The rest should be self-explanatory.

Subscribe, toke up

I really like the idea of a subscription-based service for this sort of thing. I mean, society has fully embraced the subscription business model. Look at Netflix, Google Play Music All Access, Amazon Prime, Trees.Delivery, Dollar Shave Club … the list goes on and on.

craft vapery box of goodiesI like Craft Vapery’s service so much I shouted it out on Instagram. It’s especially useful if you live somewhere that doesn’t have a good selection of e-liquids — some people can only get them at gas stations.

I’ll be honest: I’m not the biggest fan of e-cig vaping. I love the feeling of rolling some Danish Export into a spliff with some good cannabis. But for something to hold you over until you can do that, these things aren’t half bad.

Craft Vapery’s business model is excellent, and being able to sample different flavors each month is really cool.

craft vapery ego oneThe vaporizer Craft Vapery sent me is pretty nice, too. You can adjust a vent on the side to allow more or less air flow in — if you set it about three-fourths of the way closed, it’s just like drawing on a cigarette.

I’ve been focused on vaping Berry Mcqueen. The other flavors were a little too custardy and cakey for my liking. I guess when I said I like cake, I should have specified that I don’t really like cake-flavored things — I like actual cake.

That bottle of Berry Mcqueen has lasted me quite a while — you might not need a refill that often, but it all depends on your habits. You’ll probably go through more if you’re actually trying to quit nicotine by vaping.

I love vaping this stuff when I’m at work in the lab or driving. It’s a lot quicker and easier than trying to roll something in the car, and you can rip these on the down-low regardless of where you are. Of course, don’t be a dick and blow vape clouds in people’s faces. Be considerate.

Bottom Line

If you’re an avid e-cigarette smoker, Craft Vapery is a must. If you’re more like me and just want to toke once in a while, you probably don’t need a full-on subscription. But the customer service and choice of flavors makes Craft Vapery one of the best choices around — I mean, vape products delivered right to the door? Yes, please.

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