Federal Government Shutdown: Are US Project Managers Ready?

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Written by Dennis D McDonald

Are US IT workers and project managers prepared for an upcoming federal government shutdown? If not, why not … and what will it take to get ready? DENNIS D. MCDONALD digs in ..

dennis d. mcdonald alienaNewDomain — As the spectre of a US federal government shutdown of federal agencies looms ever larger, it’s time to think about how such a shutdown might impact projects and project managers.

Beyond such obvious impacts as increasing taxpayer costs and disrupting scheduled public services at federal agencies, there is a lot at stake.

To help us all weather it all, I’ve gathered together a kind of federal government shutdown survival kit for you: It’s a collection of essays I’ve written about the impacts of sequestration and shutdowns on government projects and project managers over the years. Enjoy.

Outline of a Sequestration & Project Management Research Program

I’ve been researching how the federal budget sequester is impacting federal projects and project managers. In Mitigation of Sequestration Impacts on ProjectManagement I sugge …

Mitigation of Sequestration Impacts on ProjectManagement

This continues my series on the impacts of sequestration on Federal projectmanagement practices.

A Project Manager’s Perspective on the Cost Impacts of the Sequester

One of the realities of managing projects is that, the longer a project takes to complete, the more it usually costs.

Extended Project Deadlines are a Double Edged Sword

Via Twitter my friend Michael Kaplan (@mkaplanPMP) tipped me off to the recent HBR Blog Network article Here’s what really happens when you extend a deadline …

More Thoughts on the Budget Sequester’s Impact on Project Budgets

On eunintended consequence of the US government’s budget might be that some ongoing projects will end up costing more  …

Facing Reality and the Need to Recalibrate Sequester-Impacted IT Projects

I’ve been researching different approaches to managing the impact of the federal budget sequester on Federal IT projects and publishing findings and ideas on my web site . …

What I Learned About ‘Budgeting At The Brink’ 

On July 30 in Washington, D.C. I attended a morning seminar titled Budgeting At The Brink …

Challenges Facing Small and Medium-size Government Contractors

My friend, Bob Davis, appearedon Federal News Radio to  talk about the challenges facing small and medium-size government contractors.

When Federal Government ProjectManagement Collides with the ‘New Normal’

We’re getting used to it: Shutdowns. Furloughs. Sequesters. Red tape. Delays. Retirements …

How Will We Know When ‘Sequestration’ Hurts Us?

These are complex questions to answer. Generating good cost data and performance statistics both require care, planning, resources, management, and collaboration among all the parties …

For aNewDomain, I’m Dennis D. McDonald.