Luxury Review: Peloton Cycle, Spinning on Steroids (video)

Written by Todd Townsend

At The Luxury Review in New York, Todd Townsend checked out Peloton Cycle and its high-end spinning tech. Spin live or on-demand. Here’s how it works, video inside … — At The Luxury Review show in Manhattan, May 14, 2014, I checked out the wild spinning tech from high-flying startup, Peloton Cycle. The Luxury Review was held in the Chelsea district of Manhattan. Here’s my video interview with Peloton execs, who’ve seen remarkable success since they showed up at the last Peloton demo we covered, at The Luxury Technology Show back in March.

Video: Todd Townsend for aNewDomain/editor Justin Webb, producers Marc Klempf and Gina Smith for aNewDomainTV

Peloton Cycle has designed a stationary bike that, combined with touch-screen tech, video-control capabilities and cloud-based content, is truly innovative.

The bike not only will track the metrics you need about your workout but will store them so you can access them later. Better still, through its cloud distribution system, Peloton Live broadcasts spinning classes daily. Or take one on-demand.

Peloton Cycle even supports live chat between you and other spinners. Not that you’ll have the breath for it.

For, I’m Todd Townsend. Staffers Gina Smith, Marc Klempf and Justin Webb also contributed to this story.

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