Luxury Review: ISPBC Solar Tables and Air You Can Drink

Written by Todd Townsend

At the Rand Luxury Review in New York City, we covered futuristic tech you’ll want to get your head around. Like the UWS air-to-water generator. Cool. — At the Rand Luxury Review in New York City on May 14, the International Self-Powered Building Council (ISPBC) showed off a variety of technologies from its members’ companies.

ISPBC members include MPH Studio, which showed off its solar-powered SuperGlass PV Table at the Luxury Technology Review in March. Another hot ISPBC company making it big in the smart building world is solar window leader Rainbow Solar, Inc. (RSI) and its smart wall/window, the RSI PV-Window. Execs said it was a first — an enormous, solar-powered “curtain wall-scale PV window system.” The biggest ones are 3 meters by 1.3 meters.

And then there’s the RSI PV-table, a solar-powered table that does a lot more than just stand there looking beautiful. Check that out, as well as Untapped Water Systems’ (UWS) intriguing AIR X Atmospheric Water Generator, which is capable of cleaning air and generating clean, clear, drinkable water. Our Luxury Review coverage team was at the show to capture all the details — and all the ambiance. Watch my video of what was going down with ISPBC, below.

Video: Todd Townsend for aNewDomain/producers Marc Klempf and Justin Webb for aNewDomainTV

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Gina Smith, Marc Klempf, Brian Wilson and Kevin Marcus also contributed to this story.

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