Meet Jeremy Lesniak: Managing Editor at

Written by Gina Smith

Based in Vermont, Jeremy Lesniak is managing editor and VP of tech here at In addition to writing and editing, he’s a regular on our Mat Lee’s Yet Another Tech Show (YATs) and keeps the wheels greased up around here. Interested in writing? Contact Jeremy …

Based in Duxbury, VT, Jeremy Lesniak is at heart and soul an IT pro. Another teamBYTE vet, he’s also a founding editor here at where he serves as managing editor and VP Tech.

Over the last 15 years, Jeremy has spent serious time in the IT trenches. In turn, that brought him to found Vermont Computing, Inc. And that brought him to us — first to the team at relaunching the Informationweek techpub BYTE last year and now here to

He’s now writing, editing and podcasting — find him on Mat Lee’s featured podcasts Yet Another Tech Show and Attack of the Androids whenever you are able — but he lives for those short New England summers, when you’ll find him him on a hike or riding his motorcycle.

Email Jeremy at and follow him @jlesniak. He is +Jeremy Lesniak on Google+