PODCAST: The Third Ever Indispensable Show

Written by Sable Cantus

Sable and Dave ask why you can’t tickle yourself and other intriguing questions.

indespensible_logo-580x580aNewDomain — Lucky for you, Dave didn’t get a chance to talk about his wife’s car trouble this week, but we did take a shot across Stampy Cat’s bow. We heard from the “Interrupting Democrat.” We heard about Dave’s British-accent-and-racial-slur dinner.

Also …

• More Space Shuttle disaster humor (we got your letters!)
• San Bernardino: the Paris of the 909
• OKWU is NOT a safe place, biatch!
• The worst segue in the world
• John Rodericks RV parked in front of my house
• Why can’t you tickle yourself?

For aNewDomain, I’m Sable Cantus.