The ICE Orb Floating Bluetooth Speaker Defies Gravity

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Written by Jim Kelly

The ICE Orb floating Bluetooth speaker leaps into the future. Yes, it levitates. And it sounds decent. Check it out.

aNewDomain — The ICE Orb floating Bluetooth speaker was released last month and is an Amazon Launchpad product. It’s exactly what it sounds like — a floating, light-filled bluetooth speaker. The dazzling experience is described by ICE as “Your music re-mastered,” which focuses on the sound, rather than the, you know, levitation thing.

The Orb, available through Amazon for $149.99, calls to mind the visual mastery of “Star Wars”  — perhaps it’s the first for a new generation of Force followers.

ICE Orb Functionality

ice orb floatingThe Orb attempts to add magic to your home theater listening experience. I mean, who doesn’t want a gravity defying sound system?

It consists of a ball — the speaker — and a base, which contains magnets and levitation technology. The sound is crisp and clear, even at high volumes, and doesn’t break up despite the Bluetooth nature of transmission.

The futuristic sound system has red, white or blue lights, which can be changed at the user’s convenience.

The clearance of the small floating orb is about 10 mm above the base, and the next-generation dynamic stabilization keeps the orb centered and spinning. The Orb has one USB port, which can power your tablet or smartphone, turning your super awesome flotation device into a full fledged charging station.

Due to the magnetic field, however, it is necessary to keep the Orb at least seven inches away from other electronics, such as your smartphone or computer. So, if you plan to charge those devices, take precaution.

The device has 10 hours of playback ability and both Bluetooth and NFC chips, so most devices will be able to connect seamlessly. The speaker can also be used without the base for portable carry along — so it won’t float, but you’ll still have a Bluetooth speaker, which is always nice.

ice orb base

The Future Is Now

The ICE Orb is not the first small floating speaker system on the market. The OM/One debuted through Kickstarter in 2014, but many reviews claim the product doesn’t work as advertised, and the manufacturer is currently out of stock.

The ICE Orb is new, but so far reviews are positive. The device itself is pretty small, and while the sound is good for the size, it’s not supposed to be the best sounding Bluetooth speaker on the market.

It’s a new age. Hoverboards and Volkswagen flying cars are starting to be realized, and there’s only more to come. The ICE Orb is uplifting and could add hip vibes to your home or office. If you’re interested, check it out!

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All screenshots by Daniel Zweier courtesy ICE.