How to Be Happier at Work [infographic]

how to be happier at work
Written by Becket Morgan

Are you bored or unsatisfied with your job? Then check out the excellent tips in the How to Be Happier at Work infographic. And have some candy. Seriously!

aNewDomain – According to a recent survey, only 47.7 percent of Americans are satisfied with their jobs, and only 13 percent of employees around the world say they are engaged at work. Sad stuff. So turn that frown upside down. Check out Happify’s excellent How to Be Happier at Work infographic, below.

how to be happy at work infographic

For aNewDomain, I’m Becket Morgan.

Header image:B&W Happiness” by See-ming Lee from New York, NY, USA – Happiness / 20100117.7D.02031.P1.L1.BW / SML. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.