Hands-Free Calling: Here’s Why You Can’t Handle It [infographic]

Written by David Michaelis

Preliminary research shows it’s dangerous to talk on the phone while driving, even with a hands-free device. Infographic.

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 1.48.35 PMaNewDomain — Our culture is all too comfortable with driving and talking on a smartphone while our hands are on the wheel. We think we can multitask — but everybody gets distracted. Handsfree driving has very real dangers, as you can see in The National Safety Council (NSC)’s infographic, below.

According to the NSC, the activity in the area of the brain that processes moving images slows by one-third when you talk on the phone. In other words, while talking, your brain isn’t catching what’s going on around you.

False sense of security: The Bluetooth Delusion

hands-free driving bluetooth Hands-free devices give you a false sense of security. As of July 1, 2015 citizens of N.H. can no longer drive while holding a cell phone. “The hands-free law makes it illegal for drivers to use any handheld device that requires data entry — such as cellphones, GPS devices and tablets — unless voice commands are used.”

It’s a start, but is it enough?

You can shop for hands-free cell phone devices for cars everywhere these days. Low-price bluetooth devices can be bought in stores or online pretty much everywhere, which seems like a quick fix for the chatty driver.

But the reality is that your brain will not be in sync with your rush hour traffic demands. As the Times-Herald reports:

Everyone knows that driving drunk is not just a bad idea, it’s potentially dangerous and against the law.

Is talking on a hands-free cell phone just as bad as having a few drinks and getting behind the wheel?

Preliminary research done at Touro University in Vallejo gives a tentative yes to that question … California law allows motorists to talk on hands-free cell phone devices, but Touro Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice Eric Ip said research shows these devices cause driver impairment.”

As the NSC says, “It turns out that in order to stay safe, you need your eyes on the road, your hands on the wheel and your mind on driving.”


Hands-Free is Not Risk-Free infographic: Courtesy of The National Safety Council

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