Halloween in the U.S. is Big Business [infographic]

Halloween is big business
Written by Mark Kaelin

Halloween is a holiday for children, and everyone else, to celebrate. Judging by this infographic that’s exactly what’s happening.

aNewDomain — When I was a kid, many years ago, trick or treating on Halloween was a big deal. From a child’s perspective, the idea of going door-to-door begging for candy was so weird, so extraordinary, it was practically a magical experience.

Of course, these days Halloween is big business. My childhood costume typically involved little more than a flimsy mask. Now, costumes are often detailed and extravagant, and much more expensive. And while trick or treating still exists, many communities have migrated toward Halloween-themed parties as an alternative to roaming neighborhoods.

However, the biggest difference in the overall Halloween experience, when compared┬áto my childhood memories, is the appropriation of the holiday by adults. When I was growing up, the parent’s participation in Halloween was limited to trick or treat supervision. Now, all adults, parents or not, are practically expected to wear costumes, attend parties and get strange on this semi-national holiday.

So, what are your plans for Halloween? Do you live in the best Halloween party town in the United States? Are you wondering what the most popular costumes are this year? Are you searching for the scariest haunted house in the country? This infographic can answer all those questions and more.


A Peek-A-Boo at Halloween inforaphic: Courtesy Selfstorage and Nowsourcing

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