Three Halloween Costume Hacks You Can Do With A Bed Sheet [infographic]

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Written by T.E. Wing

Get an early start on figuring out your Halloween costume with this awesome infographic. These three Halloween costume hacks are cool — and would you believe they require nothing more than a bed sheet?

aNewDomain – Would you believe you can come up with an awesome Halloween costume using just the sheets off your bed? It’s true, according to thh folks at MattressTest, who sent along the following awesome infographic. It details three Halloween costume hacks — all based on bed sheets. Nice.

halloween costume hacks

If you end up making your Halloween costume using one of these hacks, do share it with the folks who suggested them here.

The Three Halloween Costume Hacks infographic is my choice today for our featured infographic. Enjoy!

For aNewDomain, I’m T.E. Wing.