Getting A Ph.D.? You’re in for The Long Haul [infographic]

long and winding road to ph.d featured
Written by Gina Smith

Here’s an infographic that explains the trials and tribulations of the pursuit of a Ph.D. Check it out.

aNewDomain — The road to a Ph.D. is a long and winding one. There are some immediate benefits, like not having a job, or engaging in a lot of deep thought and intellectual meandering. Oh, and the serious, impressive title that gets people to call you “doctor.” That’s nice.

But, of course, the reality of enrolling in a Ph.D. program contains a lot of drudgery and a whopping amount of money. Tuition fees and costs have outpaced inflation rates for the last 25 years — they’re up by 440 percent.

Rough. But I don’t want to deter you. I just got my Ph.D., and it was worth it. The infographic below has some great stats, so be sure to check it out.


The Long Winding Road to a Ph.D infographic: Courtesy of and

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Feature image: Ph.D Reading by Ryan Hyde via Flickr