Fyuse 2.0 Revolutionizes Digital Photography [exclusive]

Written by Becket Morgan

Fyuse is a revolutionary way to capture digital images. Fyusion technology allows users to capture an immersive “surround view” of a scene.

aNewDomainFyuse 2.0 is a revolutionary way to capture digital images. Instead of the two-dimensional point and shoot of traditional digital photography, Fyusion technology allows users to capture a “surround view” of a scene. I spoke with Dr. Radu Rusu, CEO and co-founder of Fyusion about the launch of Fyuse 2.0 and future plans for his company.

We’ve trained ourselves like robots to stay still while taking a photo. It’s not human. Taking pictures with [selfie] sticks? It’s not human to capture the moment like that. A more human approach is to capture the moment from multiple angles with new technology.”

Fyuse Courtesy of Atsushi Usami

The technology in our mobile devices is finally advanced enough to do what Dr. Rusu has wanted to do for a long time – use our phones to capture multi-dimensional representations of the world around us.

Fyusion Tech

Fyuse 2.0 uses new Fyusion technology to create smooth representations of images by preserving motion in the scene. Aim your camera where you want to start your capture, press and hold a button on your screen, then follow the on-screen directions to pan around the object or the scene in any way you choose. After capturing your Fyuse, you are given several options for customization, including a filter, adding tags, trimming and wrapping around to a full 360 degrees. There are also options for social sharing on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms. Fyuse 2.0 allows users to capture, share and store their Fyuses and offers infinite cloud storage in image galleries.

Fyuse Courtesy of RbR

In addition to the breathtaking image capturing possibilities, Fyuse also allows users (Fyusers?) to transform images to make them both immersive and interactive.

[Fyuse] takes people from being passive consumers of data to participating and interacting with images. If I like a particular photo I have the power to change the angle, move around the scene and see more.”

Fyuse Courtesy of Smelly, The Fyusy Cat

With Fyuse, not only can you categorize your image as a whole, but you can attach physical tags to individual elements within your Fyuse. The e-commerce implications of this are huge. Imagine manipulating an image on your screen and seeing a tag attached to a pair of pants. You can click on the tag to learn more about the item, but instead of reading reviews, you can see that same pair of pants on dozens of different real people in multiple, real-life situations.

Fyusion currently offers apps for Android and iOS but they’re also in conversations with OEMs about integrating Fyusion technology into existing devices.

Our dream is that Fyuse will be everywhere on every possible device that has a camera.”

Fyuse Courtesy Becket Morgan

Ultimately, the Fyusion team want to change the internet by standardizing the Fyuse format and embedding it everywhere. From what I’ve seen so far, Fyuse can deliver on this and much more. There tends to be a lot of hype accompanying the launch of a new app. After spending the last few days playing with Fyuse I believe that Fyuse will revolutionize the way we think of digital photography and the way we experience digital media.

Fyuse 2.0 is available free for Android and iOS.

For BMod, I’m Becket Morgan.