App of the Day: TripIt for Travel

Written by Daniel Zweier

TripIt is a perfect free app for the traveler. It keeps everything in order. Check it out. It’s our freeware pick of the day.

aNewDomain — Traveling can be a welcome relief or a terrible drag depending on just how prepared you are. TripIt is an essential tool for a hassle-free travel experience, regardless of how much paperwork you might need. The app is available free for Android on Google Play, Apple iOS, Blackberry and Windows. No need to worry if you’re compatible.

TripIt 1

Tailored Features

Missing a connection or getting stuck in customs is a pretty terrible experience — one that is lived fairly often for travelers everywhere. With so much to see on a trip, the pesky details can certainly slip the mind. TripIt handles this by literally containing every possible reminder, number and square inch of information for you, right on your phone. The company has dubbed this the “Mastery Itinerary” and it really does keep everything on hand.

TripIt 2

Another useful and much-needed feature of this travel app is the “Traveler Profile.” This allows you to enter all of your personal data, like passport and driver’s license information, to be stored for safekeeping. This way, if you can’t find or even lose the ever-important identification documents, you’ll have a backup. You can also store multiple people’s information in the app, so if you’re on a family trip, each person can be protected.

This feature contains sensitive information, which can be a hazard, but TripIt provides a 4-pin security code to keep everybody else out.

TripIt 3

TripIt has all the “normal” stuff, too, like an easily visible list of flight times, hotel availability, rental car addresses and even calendar syncing so you don’t forget when you need to be somewhere.

For the disorganized traveler this app is priceless. It’s free, too, so everyone else should check it out. There’s a paid Pro version, which includes real-time alerts among other goodies, but most users should be fine with the standard.

For aNewDomain, I’m Daniel Zweier.

All Screenshots: Daniel Zweier courtesy of Google Play

Featured Image: Airplane by xlibber via Flickr