Freeware Friday: KAYAK for Android

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Written by Daniel Zweier

KAYAK can book your flight, hotel and car rental all in one go. It’s our pick for Freeware Friday.

aNewDomain — I’m nostalgic for the days when you could drive up to an airport, purchase a ticket to some foreign location with a handful of cash, flash your passport, and be on your way. I’m nostalgic because I never lived in that time. Airports, hotels and car rentals have always been heavily regulated in my life, and with any kind of regulation comes inconvenience. KAYAK for Android is one of the best ways to thwart this and quickly get on your way.

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Cover Your Bases

The beauty of KAYAK is that it doesn’t just offer its own service for discounted rates — it finds everyone else’s too. The service is a highly refined search engine that can find you the cheapest flight, hotel or travel package around. In the case of a flight KAYAK will search individual airlines for prices, like Southwest or United, and pull up other discount sites like Expedia. For Hotels, KAYAK provides its own deals and asks if you want to compare with, say, Priceline.

At the very least this ensures many options, which is great for those on a budget.

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KAYAK services three main industries: flight, hotel and car rental. In many cases this can completely cover your trip, and KAYAK has convenient package deals that can pair a hotel, flight and car rental together for you.

The mobile version has a number of useful features, too, like the “Hotel for Tonight” button that automatically finds a nearby hotel if you’re in a pinch. There’s a flight tracker, price alerts and a trips section to keep track of your travel agenda, all of which are convenient and function well.

If you need a free modern travel agent, KAYAK is a good bet. It’s free for Android on Google Play, Apple iOS, Kindle and Windows Phone.

For aNewDomain, I’m Daniel Zweier.

All Images: Daniel Zweier courtesy of Google Play