Kodak Today Gets a Broad Facial Recognition Patent, Kodak to Auction

Kodak today announced it will be auctioning off its enormous collection of imaging patents, and aNewDomain.net has learned that the USPTO today issued Eastman Kodak what potentially is the mother of them all. A broad patent on facial recognition. Details here.

Eastman Kodak, now in bankruptcy proceedings, today received a broad and potentially valuable patent— on facial recognition.

Citicorp owns a security interest in Kodak’s entire patent portfolio of 7,000 plus patents, aNewDomain.net has learned. Citicorp North America Inc. loaned Kodak 950 million dollars U.S. earlier this year — the patent portfolio is at least part of the portfolio and worth billions.

Check out this image from the Kodak facial recognition patent, which it filed back in 2008. That was just after it released a Kodak camera that performed rudimentary facial recognition.

Here is the front page of the broad facial recognition patent Kodak received today. Seems Google, which also received a number of patents today, will be interested.

In all, the USPTO issued Big Yellow 14 patents today. Another notable one is described as an “automatic method” of identifying the photographer based on how much he or she jiggles the camera. It then adde this information to the photo’s metadata, allowing easier sorting.

ED Gina Smith contributed to this story.