What’s The Bigger Cybersecurity Threat: Insiders or Outsiders? [infographic]

cybersecurity threat cybersecurity threats 2017 cybersecurity infographic
Written by T.E. Wing

From Russia’s US hack to insider jobs, attackers and hack types run the gamut. This cybersecurity threat infographic will get your head around it all …

aNewDomain — Who poses the greater threat to cybersecurity threat: insiders or outsiders?

That’s a great question. And in 2017, it’s more relevant than ever.

I mean, 2016 saw a huge variety of high profile attackers and motivations.  State-sponsored attackers targeted government agencies around the world, up to and including Russia’s brazen hack attack of US computers in government, corporations and education during the 2016 US presidential campaign. There were massive DDoS attacks in the headlines, too.

But last year also saw a frightening rash of insider hacks that caused all kinds of mayhem. Remember the ex-Expedia IT employee who allegedly ran this insider trading scheme? And there was that myriad of lawsuits alleging competition-sponsored theft of intellectual property …

Russia Hacked US Computers to Swing 2016 Election. Read FBI’s Full Grizzly Steppe Report Here

In 2017, security pros need to understand and prepare for all manner of cybersecurity attackers and threats. Getting your head around what sorts of attacks you should throw most of your resources behind isn’t easy.

I know the challenge you face is huge. To get your head around things, check out the killer cybersecurity threat infographic below. It lines up all manner of insider and outside attacker profiles, their probable motivations as well as some useful tips for preparing for each. Good luck out there. Click to enlarge.

cybersecurity threat cybersecurity threats cybersecurity infographic insiders outsiders

Infographic: Digital Guardian

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