CCTV America Puts A Rosy Lens on Cuba [video]

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Written by Larry Press

CCTV America, a network typically about China, posted six interviews and an upcoming documentary about Cuba. The angle is rosy, but the information is sound.

aNewDomain — The American division of China Central Television (CCTV America) has posted six short interviews with experts on Cuba. Each addresses a theme or particular aspect about the reinvention of Cuba.

cctv america logoCCTV, in my experience, usually paints China in a very positive light — it’s not that nothing can be learned from the network, but it’s not always a well-rounded presentation. That said, I find the interviews (below) to be a good insight into the change Cuba is experiencing.

CCTV America posted this set of interviews because of China’s involvement with Cuba telecommunication ventures. The ALBA-1 undersea cable connecting Cuba to Venezuela and Jamaica was installed by a joint venture made up of Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai Bell and Telecomunicaciones Gran Caribe — and the project was reportedly financed by a loan from China.

Likewise, Cuba’s Wi-Fi and home connectivity projects are also using Chinese equipment.

Cuban Internet Interviews

Here is each video as they appear on the CCTV America post, including the descriptions — the first is the most relevant to Cuban Internet:

There are challenges in accessing the Internet in Cuba but there is progress. For more on this, CCTV’s Elaine Reyes spoke to Ted Henken in Miami. He’s a professor at Baruch College who has studied the Internet and social media in Cuba.”

Video: Ted Henken on internet and social media in Cuba

Healthcare coverage starts at birth for Cubans. So how does the country pay for it? And what exactly is covered? CCTV America’s Elaine Reyes spoke to Robert Huish, assistant professor at Dalhousie University.”

Video: Robert Huish on Cuba’s healthcare system

Carlos Alzugaray, former Cuban Ambassador to Belgium talks to CCTV about the current business climate in Cuba.”

Video: Carlos Alzugaray on business in Cuba

For more on Cuba’s healthcare industry and medical innovations, CCTV America’s Phillip Yin spoke to Steve Wilkerson. He is the chairman of the International Institute for the Study of Cuba.”

Video: Cuba’s healthcare industry and medical innovations

The Cuban Revolution proved to be a transformative time not just for the political system in Cuba, but also for the arts as well. CCTV America’s Elaine Reyes spoke to Abigail McEwen. She’s an Assistant Professor of Latin American Art at the University of Maryland.”

Video: Abigail McEwan on art during the Cuban revolution

Gerry Hadden has done several stories in Cuba. He sat down with Elaine Reyes and talked about the changes he’s seeing there, and what the future holds.”

Video: Garry Hadden on the future of Cuba

CCTV has also produced “Reinventing Cuba,” a documentary, which will soon be available on local stations. Here’s a (rosy) trailer for the documentary:

Video: REINVENTING CUBA: A CCTV America documentary (promo)

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All screenshots: Courtesy CCTV America