Freeware Friday: Roadtrippers for Android

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Written by Daniel Zweier

Roadtrippers for Android is the best way to plan that road trip you need so bad. That’s why it’s Daniel Zweier’s pick today for Freeware Friday. Hit the road, Jack. Yow.

roadtrippers for android crater lakeaNewDomain — It’s about time we all took that cross country road trip. That’s the one where you see the entirety of the United States and realize just how massive, amazing and strange this land really is. The people at Roadtrippers thought so, too. Their free app — Roadtrippers for Android — epitomizes the ideal of traveling freedom, the kind of freedom only a hard core road trip can really get you. T

That’s why Roadtrippers for Android, available now on Google Play, is my pick for today’s Freeware Friday here at aNewDomain. It’s awesome.

Unlock the Road

I’ll say it straight out: Roadtrippers is just a totally excellent travel tool.

Either on the browser or app, you’ll find”over a million places” to explore, read about and visit.

I love the feature that allows me to search for cool stuff wherever I am. I can roll up in a new town, turn on the app and find a hike, a bar and a sweet museum to check out. That sort of immediacy, coupled with local knowledge, is the key to a fun travel experience on the road.

roadtrippers for android itinerary

Then there’s the itinerary planner, which takes a bit of work on the browser and the app. This feature lets you plan an entire road trip itinerary with maps, specific routes and a step by step journey of each site you’ll see. You can find some pre-fabricated ideas on the website, but the feature really shines when you are actually planning an excursion. Throw in some ideas and you’ll have a mapped out plan in no time.

A Few Issues

The breadth of possibilities with the app is really amazing, but it’s not quite up to snuff. There are some issues with itinerary points syncing across devices, which is annoying. And filters, which normally let you see happenings based on genre (like hiking or dining) has had some malfunction problems, but the support team is active in both the Google Play and App Store versions, and they release frequent updates, so the kinks will be worked out in time.

If you’re thinking of finally taking that road trip, or just dreaming of far off lands, Roadtrippers for Android is the way to go. Happy travels.

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Featured image: Desert Road by William Warby via Flickr