Everything You Need To Know About Universal Basic Income (UBI)

Written by Gina Smith

This week Silicon Valley technologists and investors kicked off the Economic Security Project to look into ideas around Universal Basic Income (UBI). [infographics, videos, charts]

aNewDomain — Artificial intelligence will suck up the majority of American jobs in the next 20 years, experts say. So how are you going to make the dough you need? According to Elon Musk and other tech thinkers, the answer may well be universal basic income (UBI).

Last week, more than 100 Silicon Valley activists, technologists and investors kicked off the Economic Security Project, a research alliance that so far has raised $10 million to study UBI over the next two years.

Want to get up to speed on UBI? Find some of the best infographics and video explainers we could find on the idea.

Here’s my favorite infographic on the subject. It provides a nice overview on the challenges the global economy faces as a result of AI and automation. It’s a nice introduction to UBI.


Daniel Dewey, a research fellow at the University of Oxford’s Martin Program on the Impacts of Future Technology at the Future of Humanity Instituty has been looking into the possible paths and timelines to machine super intelligence. Here’s his presentation on the matter at TedX Vienna, which touches heavily on issues surrounding universal basic income.

Universal Basic Income is an idea with a long history, points out Regina Saphier in this post at Virtual Humanism. Here’s a chart she put together.

ubi infographic

The American Enterprise Institute has been taking a look at UBI. Though the author of this analysis says the details are everything, UBI could be better policy than the welfare system we have now, said surveyed economists. Here’s the graphic that summarized the findings.

universal basic income infographic ubi

Rutger Bregman delivered the below talk at TEDxMaastricht, called “Why we should give everyone a basic income.”

In the United Kingdom, there is an ongoing debate about Universal Basic Income and something called Basic Tax Control, which is more a social solution to the same problem. Here is an infographic comparing the two, via Gris Anik.

btc vs ubi infographic universal basic income infographic

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