Lui Cixin Says AI Will Put 90 Percent of Americans Out of Work [cartoon]

lui cixin AI
Written by Ted Rall

So Lui Cixin says AI will cause most Americans to lose their jobs. What is the government going to do to prepare for this? Not much, says Ted Rall. Cartoon.

aNewDomain — Futurist science fiction author Lui Cixin predicts that artificial intelligence (AI) will put 90 percent or more of Americans out of work. Will politicians plan ahead for the coming end of work as we know it? Ha!


Cartoon: Ted Rall

For aNewDomain, I’m Ted Rall.

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  • Well, when “flat hierarchy” workplaces where a “process” dictates (or, actually, eliminates) the least little thinking and you can only advance by being hired to be a manger at some other place for being a higher-up’s buddy dominate the market, no wonder… it’s a progressive redux of the old Soviet system, look how great it is in North Korea today. AI replaces “drone” workers, which is all this unprofitable setup requires.