Everyday Items Dirtier Than A Toilet Seat? You Bet

Everyday items are dirtier than a toilet seat infographic snap

Your smartphone is germier than a toilet seat. Your tablet, too. What else is? Find out here, in the Everyday Items Dirtier Than A Toilet Seat infographic.

aNewDomain — Your smartphone is dirtier than a toilet seat. So is your tablet. And your computer. Surprised? You won’t believe what else. Check out the Everyday Items Dirtier Than A Toilet Seat infographic, below.

Everyday Items Dirtier Than A Toilet Seat #infographic
Everyday Items Dirtier Than A Toilet Seat infographic: Plumbworld, via Visualistan

As you can see from the infographic, it’s not just toilets and tech items that are germy. A restaurant menu can have up to 100 times more bacteria on it than a toilet seat. Even the steering wheel in your car can have up to five times more bacteria. Imagine what happens if you also happen to be sneezing and coughing in your car.

The research used for the infographic also, most disturbingly, warns that your toothbrush could be contaminated with particles of water from your toilet. Why not just replace it now. Germs can’t get you if you get them first.

For aNewDomain, I’m David Michaelis.

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