Toolbox: How To Convince A Climate Change Denier

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Written by Gina Smith

Know any climate change deniers? Here’s a collection of videos, infographics and graphics that will help you convince them their logic is off. Good luck.

aNewDomain commentaryGina-Smith-anewdomain-fake-news-fakenews-facebook-breitbart — Used to be, only hyper-religious nuts, fuel company-backed politicians and the seriously uneducated doubted the serious threat man-made climate change poses the Earth and everyone on it.

No more. Now that Donald Trump, who famously called climate change a “hoax” perpetrated by the Chinese to harm American business interests, is headed for the highest office of the land, climate change deniers are beginning to spread beyond the lunatic fringe. If you encounter one, you want to make sure you have all the facts you need at hand.

Thankfully, more than 97 percent of the world’s scientists say climate change is real, and they’ve created the videos, infographics, graphics and white papers you’ll need to convince others of the fact. Normally, I would skip all the multimedia and just point you to NASA’s excellent Climate Change: How Do We Know article, but I’m guessing the climate change denier set isn’t too heavy on folks who will actually read the stuff you give them. Sigh.

Here are some of the best videos, infographics and charts that explain the science. Good luck.

First up, here is NASA’s A Breathing Planet Off Balance video. Created by NASA’s Earth science program officials, it breezily explains how carbon absorption and emission processes work in nature — and how they could change in a world suffocated by higher and higher levels of man-made carbon emissions.

A quick and easy climate change infographic comes via Weather Underground …


Don’t really understand how carbon levels prove anything? Have your climate change denier watch the below, from the scientists at NASA Goddard. It’s A Year in the Life of Earth’s Carbon Dioxide.

Here’s an infographic from the folks over at, who summed up a United Nations global warming report.


This video is a great one to share. What’s the worst that could happen, your climate change denier asks? Show him this:

This one is cute, but effective. If you get the argument that your claims are too heady, try this video on for size.

Here is a National Geographic video that is truly excellent — and a classic, too. It’s Global Warming 101 …

This infographic, called A Day in the Life of Global Warming, brings climate change predictions close to home …


The World Bank came up with this infographic, which is based on a report it commissioned for how Africa and Asia, in particular, will suffer as a result of global warming.

climate change deniers toolbox

Check out Our Future. It’s a beautiful documentary, narrated by Morgan Freeman.

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For aNewDomain, I’m Gina Smith.


  • What about Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum 5 to 9°C increase? Permafrost must be existed before it and it’s melting and methane releasing was not so catastrophic on those times. Scientist should have critical and cool minds – not to believe everything and be panicers

  • Thanks. If you guys have any recommendations for more videos, infographics or graphics around climate change, happy to add it. Thanks, Tim.

  • Great job Gina. Now if you can only get the denialsphere to ‘bother with it’. I’ve spent many years documenting climate change and it’s effect, drawing upon the science and measurements and real-time observations and reports. In America, the well-funded always get the most attention (ads, television, political campaigns, etc.) which is also true for everything posted or shared online. I’ve uncovered tremendous deceptions and fraud within the denial community too and documented some of those. My ‘study’ as it were, also deals with how denial is making our global situation much, much worse. Ultimately, they run from science and evidence, videos, quotes and reports that refutes their positions on climate change (they do more then this, but I’m going to be very polite). To counteract this growing trend, I recently proposed ‘mandatory education’ on climate change as an emergency option, to lay an essential foundation on what is critical information to us all. Finally, I’ve assembled as many components as I can to understand where this is all heading for the human future. This is why it is so critical to change what is happening before it becomes true.

  • Let me tell you why this will never work. Deniers (we prefer realists) are committed to effective science, well done with a love of opposing voices. We will never be convinced by a failed hypothesis promoted by snake oil salesmen who have been suduced by globalists that see this as the best opportunity to create a one-world government where the leaders live in mansions served by the rest of humanity. Of course, once robots take over all the tasks, the elite don’t need us anymore; this is not a future that I am looking forward to.