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Launch Festival 2014 (photo gallery)

Launch Festival 2014 is San Francisco’s largest three-day startup conference with more than 8,000 attendees and 40 companies attending to compete onstage for the grand prize of $200,000. Julie Blaustein reports.

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Infographic: How to Stay Secure and Keep the Hackers Away

Best Tips, Tricks: How To Keep Your Email Secure — Anyone who uses email today is a prime candidate for theft. That’s a fact. You’ve got to take precautions to avoid anything bad happening to you or your email. Here are some ideas. Take me, for example. One day I started getting a whole slew of direct messages from my friends on Twitter. […]

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Loyalty 3.0 Image 2

Loyalty 3.0: How Big Data Cultivates Customer Loyalty (book review) – Rajat Paharia’s new book, Loyalty 3.0, is an in-depth guide on the cultivation of loyalty, for yourself or your company. Loyalty 3.0 discusses three key steps — motivation, big data and gamification. I spoke to Paharia and gave the book a long, hard look. Image credit: Julie Blaustein The premise of the book revolves […]

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Tech Tools to Track Santa

Our Julie Blaustein put together this great roundup of all the tech tools you can use to track Santa’s trip from the North Pole. Thanks to NORAD and Bing for bringing this service to loyal Santa followers.

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