Zombie Alert: British Columbia Posts an Emergency Prep Site (Just in Case)

Let it never be said that those Canadians lucky enough to live in scenic British Columbia aren’t ready for any disaster that heads their way.  The provincial government of British Columbia earlier has released detailed contingency plans in the event of a zombie outbreak in Canada’s western province.

It’s Zombie Preparedness Week, officials say, adding that the site is a way to get the public to check out other emergency advisories online.

Why start with zombies? Check out this video, also included on the BC zombie emergency site.

Emergency Info BC prepared the zombie contingency plans.  The campaign sports the tagline: If you’re ready for zombies, you’re ready for a disaster.

Materials on the blog describe a hypothetical three-day zombie attack. It includes maps showing which parts of the province are the most “vulnerable”  to invading zombies. As it turns out, Vancouver lies at the heart of the so-called Red Zone. BC capital Victoria fares much better.

The zombie materials quickly dovetail into general emergency preparedness information, such as keeping at least a half tank of gas at all times in case one needs to evacuate quickly during a “wildfire, tsunami or zombie attack.”  A second tip relates to having an emergency kit for home, office and car. And a third tip suggests that BC citizens have a plan in the event of a disaster because they will need to “act fast.”

Like many other parts of the West, British Columbia is vulnerable to earthquakes, landslides, tsunamis, wild fires, volcanic eruptions … and apparently zombies.

Last year, the US Centers for Disease Control issued a Zombie Novella as a “fun new way” to teach citizens about emergency preparedness.

A widespread zombie outbreak is one thing North Americans no longer have to fear. Provided they’re prepared. Check out this video.