WWDC 2012: Crashlytics at The W Hotel Terrace (photo gallery)

Like you were there. Julie Blaustein’s photo gallery of the Crashlytics party at WWDC 2012 takes you into the heart of iOS developer city. Crashlytics, still in beta, saves apps when they crash. How cool is that?

The long-awaited WWDC 2012 Keynote¬†opened the event at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. What was the news going to be? Was Apple going to expand its Siri voice capabilities, or would it be a rewrite of its maps application, and a deeper integration of Facebook to its phones and tablets? But top of mind for me was, “where are the happening parties”? I had the official list of WWDC Parties, but the party I crashed was the Crashlytics party at the W Hotel and it turned out to be the party. Crashlytics is still in beta but is already the darling of the developer community because what it does is save their babies, I mean apps, when they crash. Check out the scene after the first full day of WWDC.

The Apple logo adorns the Moscone West Building where the WWDC was held in San Francisco.

Join me at the Crashlytics VIP party at the swanky W Hotel’s Terrace on the fourth floor overlooking the city.

So many beverages to choose from…lucky for us there was a menu.

Wayne Chang, our gracious host and founder of Crashlytics.

What would a tech party be without Tech Babes? The lights from the DJ almost overwhelmed them, but only barely.

A few of the attendees were willing to pose for me under the Crashlytics lights. Thanks!

These are modest IOS 6 developers who would not provide me their names but were happy to share that they create the magic which we mortals use on our iPhones.

My new friend PJ along with Jesse, me and Kirk having a swell time, thanks Wayne for the photo! Jesse is developing a social discovery app called Planaby and he is in app heaven at the WWDC.

Enjoying the many flavors of drinks available.

On the terrace where you meet the coolest people taking in the San Francisco scene.

As I am on my way out, this group of guys toast the World Wide Developers Conference. Cheers!