World Series 2012 infographic, San Francisco Giants Nail Detroit Tigers, Swept Series

Written by Gina Smith

Even geeks are rejoicing here in San Francisco, where the San Francisco Giants just won the MLB World Series 2012. World Series 2012 infographic, stats here.

It’s the World Series 2012 infographic — stats galore. YOW. As everyone here in San Francisco knows right now — as I write, fireworks are popping and the city streets of San Francisco are going wild — minutes ago the San Francisco Giants ripped the Detroit Tigers a new stripe. That is, the team nailed the Detroit Tigers 4 to 3 tonight, October 28, 2012. PT. It’s the second time in three years the San Francisco Giants won the World Series.

Check out the 2012 MLB World Series infographic below that shows how it all added up throughout the season right here. Tons of stats. Here in San Francisco, I’m Gina Smith saying, “Hell, yeah, Giants.” And to the Tigers, good job. Meow.