Gina Smith Tech Now: Windows 8 or Break

Written by Gina Smith

Windows 8 — daunting training challenges for IT shops, but an intriguing UI for prospective Windows 8 desktop/mobile users. Windows to Go is going to be a draw, that much is certain …

Out now for TechNet and various other Microsoft dev communities, Windows 8 will be available in final form and general release, Microsoft reps say, on October 26, 2012.

But expect a lot of hoopla and some headstart products to pop up in early September during the Nokia-Microsoft event, where the two are expected to unveil an MS Windows 8 Mango version of the Nokia Pureview. That’s the model with the 21mp camera.

It’s Tech Now with Gina Smith for August 16, 2012 — Windows 8 is top of the news. Here’s who’s getting it when — and why some IT pros say they are shying away.

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  • I remember the days of producers, cameras, lighting and sound guys. What’s up with this DIY video stuff? Please have patience on the technical difficulties. LOL.