Windows Phone 7 UI: Wozniak Likes It, Here’s What YOU Think

Nokia Lumia 900

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With its good looks, slick UI and legions of fans, the Windows Phone 7.X UI shines brilliantly with Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder, and lots of other outliers. But why? Tell us what you think about it in the commenting section. Ant Pruitt is opening the discussion up now.

Windows Phone 7.X Mango made a pretty big splash with its release, user-interface wise. And the poster child for Windows Phone is the Nokia Lumia 900.

Nokia Lumia 900

Apple co-founder and inventor Steve Wozniak raved about the aesthetics and user experience of Windows Phone 7.5 on his Nokia Lumia to our Gina Smith and Dan Patterson recently — and the whole world talked about it.

When the co-founder and inventor of Apple Computers says it’s a good experience, people listen. It’s the UI that dazzled Woz — and that’s what matters most these days — and despite a lot of interest from developers so far, it is getting good reviews from other users, too.

Here’s an infographic on how Windows Phone 7 compares with Android 4.X Ice Cream Sandwich, Apple iOS 5.X and BlackBerry.

I caught up with readers who own Windows Phone 7 devices to gauge their experience with the UI.

Chanoch Greenwood of Ontario, Canada, told me he owns the LG Optimus 7. This was his first smartphone. Greenwood played around with family iPhones and Blackberry devices, but said he prefers Windows Phone. “I like the look and feel of the OS and the integration and since the marketplace is smaller, apps that I would have ignored on iOS or Android stood out,” says Greenwood.  The app ecosystem for Windows Phone used to be its Achilles heel.  Will the development of Windows Phone apps grow now?

This sleek device with an even slicker interface has its fans. “The Lumia is simply not the best, fastest phone out there… but perhaps, it’s the best thought out. …the fairly good specs and components of the phone work together in a true synergy,” says reader Percy M. Chow.  Percy makes a great point.  A well-designed product comes through even if it isn’t the best or the fastest. Is Microsoft holding its cards close until Windows Phone 8 releases?

The recent television ad for the Lumia 900 states that “the smartphone beta test is over.” Beta test? The iPhone 4 model was a beta test? The Google Galaxy Nexus was a beta test? That’s debatable, but Microsoft is challenging its competitors with that bold statement. Microsoft, in my opinion, is missing the boat on getting its devices to consumers with restrained marketing. The Lumia 900 sold approximately “three million units” at launch, says reader Steve J in a previous comment. That number isn’t so impressive.

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Image Credit: Microsoft