Windows 8 Presales Begin: A First for Microsoft, HSN Flip Flops

Written by Sandy Berger

In a first for Microsoft, PCs with Windows 8 pre-loaded are available on Best Buy. But HSN pulls its Windows 8 offer after it announces early bird shipping … what gives? Sandy Berger takes a look.

This weekend started selling PCs with Windows 8 pre-installed. The HSN website listed five models and it was at first advertising immediate shipping, even though Microsoft says its Windows 8 won’t be officially released until October 26.

Within hours of the initial offer, HSN flip-flopped. It started calling the offer a “pre-order” for October 28 shipment.

Then, on October 15, in a press release, Best Buy also announced that it is making Windows 8 computers available for pre-sale.

The PR rep for Best Buy, assured me that Best Buy won’t flip flop and that it has Microsoft’s authorization for the pre-sale. What gives?

Best Buy is currently featuring Windows 8 computers on its home page, with specific listings for Windows 8 computers from such OEMs as Asus, Dell, Gateway, HP, Sony and Toshiba. According to the site, these Windows 8 computers will be shipped for delivery on October 26 and/or available for in-store pickup that day.

This is the first time that Microsoft has authorized the pre-sale of computers loaded with one of their new operating systems.