Windows 8 Parody Video Roundup, Larry Ellison Bonus Inside

Written by Gina Smith

Windows 8 Parody Video Roundup. For readers, Windows 8 is nothing new. So we collected some Windows 8 parody videos for you plus a video showing Oracle chief Larry Ellison taking down a heckler ,,

Microsoft on October 26 rolled out Windows 8 — that’s not news to readers. We’ve been covering the release of this new operating system for months and months. Our own +Ant Pruitt even broke the Windows 8 server story for you during Mobile World Congress (MWC 2012) in the spring. So what is new about today’s release of Windows 8? We’ll start with a Windows 8 parody video roundup and let her rip.

Speaking of ripping, scroll below to see Oracle chairman and founder Larry Ellison rip into a heckler. What’s that got to do with Windows 8? Watch and find out.

First up, check out this Windows 8 Consumer Preview parody video, courtesy LaughwithLulu.

This spoof plays off the Apple vs Microsoft rivalry. Published by SpareMomentStudios, it focuses on an Apple spy who infiltrates Bill Gates’ home. Cheesy but funny. Watch for the mention of Windows 8.8. Scroll below this for the Hitler Windows 8 parody.

No parody round-up would be complete without a spoof like this one. Adolph Hitler’s plans to upgrade to Windows 8, unveiled. Video: Hitlerrantparodies¬†

This guy sings an ode to Windows 7. Wonder how much we’ll miss it? Parental discretion advised on this one. Not suitable for office viewing. Video courtesy: Toby Turner

Oracle Founder, Chair and CEO Larry Ellison versus a Heckler. (ED Disclaimer: Editorial Director Gina Smith founded NIC with Larry Ellison and’s CFO David Street was COO of that Ellison thin client effort of 2000.)

My choice for funniest and most politically incorrect goes to the Hitler plans to upgrade to Windows 8 video. Got a vote on what you liked best in the Windows 8 parody video roundup? Got one to add of your own? Drop me a line. I’m

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